About Us

Aikenkai Shotokan Karatedo Federation teaches traditional martial skills through rigorous and time-honored methods. Our karatekai has been practicing for more than thirty years on Long Island's east end and has safely, effectively and professionally trained hundreds of women, men and children during this time. All of our instructors are fully certified, licensed and indemnified.

The traditional martial arts are physical and cognitive practices embedded within larger cultural, philosophical and ethical contexts. To keep these ancient roots always present in the work, we retain as an ethical core "dojo kun", or a set of precepts to guide our training and life practice. These ancient martial values are:

  • Strive for perfection of character
  • Live the way of truth and sincerity
  • Cultivate the spirit of effort and perseverance
  • Uphold the principles of propriety and courtesy
  • Maintain self control and avoid violent and improper behavior

Akenkai Shotokan Karatedo Federation is affiliated with the following international, national and regional professional organizations:

  • World Traditional Karate Organization
  • Japan Karate Association/Shotokan Karate-do International
  • World JKA Karate Association
  • New York Traditional Karate League
  • American Amateur Karate Federation
  • Okinawan Kobudo Douishi Rensei Kai